Indian Orphan and Poor Peoples Foundation (IOP) Trust is an Indian Non-Government Organization (NGO) Non-Political, Sectarian, Religious & Non-Profitable Organization Registered under Government of Karnataka.

Indian Orphan and Poor Peoples Foundation is registered under Government of Karnataka Trust Act 1960, Reg No GNR-4-00021 (Dated: 22nd April, 2013) and IOP Foundation have 12 A & 80 G Certificates registered under Commissioner of Income Tax (Exemptions) Income tax act 1961.

Mr. Arun.N

the Founder & Managing Trustee of

Indian Orphan and Poor Peoples Foundation

having its Registered Office in RT Nagar at Bangalore, Karnataka, India.


For Orphan, Semi-Orphan and the Poor Needy People in the Society.

Please Help us to provide Food, Education, Shelter, Clothes and Medical Aid etc…

IOP Foundation Mainly focus on Health, Education, Food, Medicines, Shelter, Awareness Program & all types Treatments, Surgeries of Diseases like, Heart, Kidney failure, Blood Cancer, Skin diseases etc…

These facilities available to Children, Blind, Physically and Mentally Challenged of all ages and Senior Citizens who are Orphan & Poor Peoples of all Communities in Rural, Urban & Slums in the society.

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